Sunday, July 6, 2014

Shepherd TV guide data for Australia

Originally was using Shepherd to build my own guide data, but since switched to using pre-canned data from a kind community user.

Use this in conjunction with tv_grab_file in TVHeadEnd / your choice of system to import the data.

This is great news, because Shepherd is a great program but it is slow and causes data spikes on the channel EPG sources who are constantly trying to obsfacate their data to prevent downloads like this.

Having a pre-canned source means less hits on these guide data and hopefully longer lasting sources.

My grab file in cron looks like this (runs nightly after the website is updated with latest info:

wget -O - | gunzip -c  > /var/spool/shepherd/xmltv.xml
logger Updated TV Guide data

Then download tv_grab_file from github, rename to tv_grab_(country code) and place it in /usr/bin. Edit it to pull in data from the above file in my case (/var/spool/shepherd/xmltv.xml)

Any more info, comment below

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