Friday, May 30, 2014

Installing apps on android - can't click on install button

If you are trying to manually install an app / application on Android with and you cannot click on the install button, you probably have a application like twilight, darker, etc which tints the screen at night.

You will need to pause this application before you can click the install button.

The reason being that a malicious program might mask the install button with different text to trick you into installing an application. This is a security measure in the Android system.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Intel NUC + XBMC + TvHeadEnd + Shepherd (Australian TV Guide Data)

Recently made this setup and it's working brilliantly.

Setup is as follows:

  • Intel NUC Haswell i3
  • Sony playTV adaptor
  • XBMCBuntu 14.04
  • XBMC 13
  • Aeon Nox 4.Gotham
  • Shepherd for guide data
IR is through the built in NUC CIR receiver. 

Shepherd was set up to output guide data to a temporary file. I used tv_grab_file to then output this data back into shepherd. Hooking up shepherd direct in TVHeadEnd doesn't seem to work correctly, it output a ambiguous error message about the XML ending abruptly. 

XBMC is setup to use VAAPI for 1080i deinterlacing (set deinterlace to "auto" and deinterlace method to "auto"), scaler in settings->video is set to 20%.

If you need any more information comment below.

I have an update update TVHeadEnd, trying to get your SBS channels to work correctly.

Also an update for Australians, using precanned guide data instead of Shepherd.