Sunday, July 6, 2014

Shepherd TV guide data for Australia

Originally was using Shepherd to build my own guide data, but since switched to using pre-canned data from a kind community user.

Use this in conjunction with tv_grab_file in TVHeadEnd / your choice of system to import the data.

This is great news, because Shepherd is a great program but it is slow and causes data spikes on the channel EPG sources who are constantly trying to obsfacate their data to prevent downloads like this.

Having a pre-canned source means less hits on these guide data and hopefully longer lasting sources.

My grab file in cron looks like this (runs nightly after the website is updated with latest info:

wget -O - | gunzip -c  > /var/spool/shepherd/xmltv.xml
logger Updated TV Guide data

Then download tv_grab_file from github, rename to tv_grab_(country code) and place it in /usr/bin. Edit it to pull in data from the above file in my case (/var/spool/shepherd/xmltv.xml)

Any more info, comment below

SBS Brisbane on TVHeadEnd 3.4

Trying to get SBS on tvheadend 3.4 working?

Had a few drama's with this. When SBS changed from the UHF to VHF on 184500kHz, the guard interval & FEC rates changed from 1/16 & 2/3 to 1/8 & 3/4 to match the other networks.

However, if you update your 3.4 configuration and manually enter these details, it will pickup the station MUX & Channels, however it will not tune them, reporting "no input detected" when you select Map DVB channels from the adapter page.

You must upgrade to the latest unstable tvheadend for this to be fixed, I am unsure of the reason or which exact version it was fixed, however switching to the current unstable version from 3.4 will correct this issue. Select guard interval, hierarchy and FEC to all be AUTO and it will correctly pull in the MUX & Channels.

If you are also having issues getting C31, the Brisbane community channel, you will need to change the current 599.5MHz tune to 529500kHz in tvheadend for it to pick it up. As above, select your guard, hierarchy & FEC to be AUTO.

For all Australian DVB-T your other parameters are

Bandwidth 7Mhz
Transmission 8k

Friday, May 30, 2014

Installing apps on android - can't click on install button

If you are trying to manually install an app / application on Android with and you cannot click on the install button, you probably have a application like twilight, darker, etc which tints the screen at night.

You will need to pause this application before you can click the install button.

The reason being that a malicious program might mask the install button with different text to trick you into installing an application. This is a security measure in the Android system.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Intel NUC + XBMC + TvHeadEnd + Shepherd (Australian TV Guide Data)

Recently made this setup and it's working brilliantly.

Setup is as follows:

  • Intel NUC Haswell i3
  • Sony playTV adaptor
  • XBMCBuntu 14.04
  • XBMC 13
  • Aeon Nox 4.Gotham
  • Shepherd for guide data
IR is through the built in NUC CIR receiver. 

Shepherd was set up to output guide data to a temporary file. I used tv_grab_file to then output this data back into shepherd. Hooking up shepherd direct in TVHeadEnd doesn't seem to work correctly, it output a ambiguous error message about the XML ending abruptly. 

XBMC is setup to use VAAPI for 1080i deinterlacing (set deinterlace to "auto" and deinterlace method to "auto"), scaler in settings->video is set to 20%.

If you need any more information comment below.

I have an update update TVHeadEnd, trying to get your SBS channels to work correctly.

Also an update for Australians, using precanned guide data instead of Shepherd.