Sunday, July 6, 2014

SBS Brisbane on TVHeadEnd 3.4

Trying to get SBS on tvheadend 3.4 working?

Had a few drama's with this. When SBS changed from the UHF to VHF on 184500kHz, the guard interval & FEC rates changed from 1/16 & 2/3 to 1/8 & 3/4 to match the other networks.

However, if you update your 3.4 configuration and manually enter these details, it will pickup the station MUX & Channels, however it will not tune them, reporting "no input detected" when you select Map DVB channels from the adapter page.

You must upgrade to the latest unstable tvheadend for this to be fixed, I am unsure of the reason or which exact version it was fixed, however switching to the current unstable version from 3.4 will correct this issue. Select guard interval, hierarchy and FEC to all be AUTO and it will correctly pull in the MUX & Channels.

If you are also having issues getting C31, the Brisbane community channel, you will need to change the current 599.5MHz tune to 529500kHz in tvheadend for it to pick it up. As above, select your guard, hierarchy & FEC to be AUTO.

For all Australian DVB-T your other parameters are

Bandwidth 7Mhz
Transmission 8k

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  1. Thanks very much for that info! I was about to give up on Tvheadend cos I couldn't get all the channels (not that there's ever much on that I'm into but just in case). :-)

    Following your advice to get the later version, I've finally upgraded to 1.9.40-6trusty and it's working ok, once I tuned it. Not such a intuitive interface! Didn't need to change any settings as you did above, just automatically tuned.

    Had difficulty just installing it in Linux Mint 17.1 (I'm a newbie in Linux btw). Following the ubuntu directions didn't work (instructions at

    Had to follow the debian apt repository instructions. (I added this line to my sources.list "deb trusty main (replace trusty with your release))