Thursday, May 26, 2011

Install Deluge on Synology

Install optware packages.

Install optware-devel

install gcc

Install Bash

Link Bash to /bin

ln -s /opt/bin/bash /bin/bash

Install Boost libraries


install openssl-dev

install zlib

ipkg install py25-buildutils


in your deluge source directory:

edit, change /usr/include to /opt/include

(you could also do a symbolic link if you like)


Fix the boost compile error!

nano /opt/include/boost/config/user.hpp
python2.5 build
python2.5 install --prefix=/opt/local


download install chardet

build, install



install py-xdg



Enjoy your new deluge installation.


You'll need to create a startup script, more on this later.



  1. Is this startup script already written? :-)

  2. Hi just a dum question do you know if this work for Qnap aswell ? we use ipkg to install it with ?

  3. Not sure mate, I've never used QNAP. You may already have a package in your repository, in which case you can use ipkg to install.

    Otherwise, you will have to follow a similar process to this guide.

  4. After 2 solid weeks of trying to install Deluge on my DS1812+ I stumble across this, and it works! Or at least it's compiled and installed.

    Thanks so much!

    Did you ever get that startup script written? Care to post? :)

  5. After using this post last year, I had to come back to shortly after having to restore DSM onto my DS211j. Unfortunately, these directions no longer work on a clean DSM 4.x installation. They worked at the time for DSM 3.x, and even survived the upgrade to DSM 4.x. But will not work on a clean install. Could you have another look and give us some updated directions? These are the only working directions on getting the great Deluge running on Synology servers and I'm sure many people would appreciate it!