Monday, July 11, 2011

Golf GTI MK5 DSG BlueFin Quarter Mile

Superchips bluefin review.

Ran the GTI with the stage 1 superchips bluefin, dsg with a full tank of gas and probably about 50kg of extra weight in the back (couldn't be bothered to remove it)

Running 5 month old Michelin pilot sport 3's with about 10000km on them.

1. First run was 14.5 seconds in manual with launch control at 2000rpm
2. Second clocked 16.2 seconds in S mode auto with launch control at 2000rpm
3. Third clocked 14.03 seconds in manual with launch control at 2500 rpm
4. Fourth clocked 14.5 again with manual launch control at 3000rpm.

Had a stock VE SS commodore and a stock 6L HSV Maloo, both clocked 13.95 seconds.

Seems like the sweet spot is 2500rpm in launch control, otherwise at 3000 rpm the DSG seems to limit the torque and cause the front wheels to spin.

I'll try it again once I have the DSG reflashed with a new program and the exhaust and intake replaced and a updated bluefin flash for comparison.

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